Guidelines for levelling

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Guidelines for levelling

Post by TRENT on Fri Apr 15, 2016 8:23 am

First of all, we would like to discuss about levelling up and things, since it is way necessary to the new members of our guild that are low level, and new players of the game who wants to level up fast and join the adventure. Hereby, I am posting the levelling  and the map list.

Level Limits           Non-PK maps                       PK maps (be careful of pvp)

10-30                      Treasure Cave C1                          -----------------------

30-50                     Qin Dungeon (South Yan)                Yan Tomb F1-F3

50-60                     Qin Emperor's dungeon B1               Yan Tomb F4-F6

60-85                     Qin Emperor's dungeon B2               Yan Tomb F7-F8

85-95                     Qin Emperor's dungeon B3               Yan Tomb F9

95-119                    Ancient City,Flame Mountain,           Ancient Maze, Flame Valley,    
                              Tarim, Horse Ranch                       Taklamakan Desert,
                                                                                Ferghana Hill


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