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Pet breeding tips

Post by Aerlynn on Thu Apr 21, 2016 7:13 am

Hello Smile

Here are some tips about pet breeding I have picked up over the years. Some might be rumors that I've just never proven false, some have been confirmed by other players. Most of it falls into the "it can't hurt so why not" catagory.

1) Pedigree. I've heard some players say this is not important. I want to tell you this is most certainly an important stat. Growth Pedigree will give your pet latent strenghts. The growth is factored into the final stats, much like the pedigree of a hidden weapon or soul modifies the final stats those give. Its a huge pain in the ass, but if you are going to take the time to breed a pet, make sure the parents are both perfect so you can get the maximum boost.

2) Level. Pets can breed as early as lvl 30, and each 20 levels after that. So, say you accidentally made your pet 31, no problem! Just the next time you can breed it, it will have to be 51. Some of my best breeds the parents were way over the normal 30, 50, 70, 90, 110 thresholds. Just be careful to not lose the last breed by outleveling yourself. For example, I am a 106 Voodoo, I can only hold up to a 116 pet, so I need to be careful to not go past 96 on the second to last breed, or I will be unable to do the 110 breed.

3) Friendship might matter. I have heard the rumor that the higher the friendship you have with someone, the more likely it is you can get a very high talent pet. I tested this by breeding pets with my alts, and also my husband. The pets were treated the same, full savvy, perfect pedigree, but breeds with my husband come out much better. So there might be something to this rumor.

4) Be Careful! Don't let your pet sit idle in the npc. If any server reset occurs, you may lose your breeding pair and the babies.

I hope these tips help you make great pets, please feel free to post a response with more tips!

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